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Are you tired of fighting the seemingly endless climate zone war inside your home? If you often find yourself on the losing end of these battles and would like to turn the odds in your favor, here are a few things you definitely need to know.

Banishing the Climate Zone at Home: Three Things to Consider

Some people think that temperature is the most important factor that determines the level of comfort inside the home. While this climate zonemay be true to a certain extent, humidity and indoor air quality also plays an important part in the overall mix so you need to find that perfect balance to improve the comfort level inside your home.

Air Temperature

There are several factors at play which makes keeping the indoor temperature a challenge. Aside from the prevailing weather and temperature outside the home, you also need to consider the heat gain and heat loss through your windows, leaks in the outer shell of the home and body heat emitted by the home occupants. To provide an easy fix to this problem and create a more comfortable and healthier environment, consider using a programmable digital thermostat.

With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature in your home during different times of the day to provide the most comfort. And since you will be using energy to cool or heat your home only when you really need it, you can save up to 10% on your energy bill!

Relative Humidity

climate zoneAside from determining the comfort level inside the home, relative humidity can have a significant impact on your family’s health as well. A humidity level below 30% can make the air too dry and irritate the mucous lining of the nose and throat, make breathing difficult and increase the risk of respiratory infections, and dry your skin and eyes. On the other hand, a high humidity level (above 60%) encourages the proliferation of mould and dust mites and increases the risk of respiratory problems.

Air Quality

Considering the fact that the quality of air inside the home also plays a vital role in keeping your home safe and comfortable at all times, you should consider changing your HVAC filter every one to three months. Keep in mind that a dirty air filter significantly decreases air flow and makes your HVAC work harder. Not a pretty thought, right?

Having different micro-climates inside the home can be extremely stressful and may lead to serious health complications, especially in older adults, so you need to maintain a constant temperature inside the home at all times. For best results, get a regular HVAC check-up by a professional. It’s time to finally say ‘no’ to climate zone wars inside the home. With these tips, you surely can.

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