Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling

There are only a few things in life that can be more upsetting than an air conditioning that isn’t cooling. With the hot and humid summers we have here in Georgia, going through the day with a broken air conditioner can be quite tough. If you’re not sure why your AC won’t cool just when you needed it most, here are a few things that may be causing the problem.

Why Your Air Conditioner isn’t Cooling: Some Possible ExplanationsAir Conditioner Isn’t Cooling

  • Improper thermostat settings. When the fan setting is turned on, your AC will be forced to blow air even if it isn’t in a cooling cycle, so don’t be surprised if some of the air coming out of the vents will feel warm. To resolve this, switch the fan to its auto settings and don’t forget to set the thermostat to the cool mode.
  • Dirty air filter. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of cold air inside your home, causes uneven cooling and allergen build up, and causes your AC to cycle on and off more frequently than it should. It also causes additional wear and tear in your unit.
  • Dirty coils. The indoor and/or outdoor cooling coils will have a hard time transferring heat between them when there is a layer of dirt coating them. As a result, the air coming through your vents would not be as cold as it should be.
  • Refrigerant leak. Since the refrigerant is responsible for moving heat from inside your home all the way to the condenser unit, having a leak in your system will Air Conditioner Isn’t Coolingsignificantly decrease its cooling capability.
  • Blocked condenser unit. Your outdoor condenser unit will not receive enough air to release warm air from the condenser coils if it is blocked by plants, shrubs or debris. When this happens, your home won’t cool either.

Professional AC Services in Georgia

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