We can’t go through summer without air conditioning and rain—the latter of those two being inevitable and uncontrollable. Being in the midst of summer, we expect nothing less than the skies to open up with downpours. These storms can alter our plans, but they might affect more than that. Can heavy rain affect your HVAC system?

Since central air conditioning units are usually located outside of the house, some homeowners can’t help but wonder whether its performance and reliability will be affected when it is raining outside. HVAC systems are designed to be weather-resistant; they can endure heavy rains in effort to keep you comfortable no matter the season.

How Can Weather Harm Your HVAC System?

HVAC systems are designed to withstand rain, so heavy rains alone cannot do any substantial damage to your unit. However, your system may be at risk in the event of a storm or a flood. Strong winds can blow leaves and other debris inside the unit, putting your unit at risk. Storms and high winds might knock down tree branches that could damage the condenser fan grille or other components. Yet, wind isn’t the only element that can be unkind to your HVAC unit.

Flood water is your HVAC’s nemesis—just another way rain affects your HVAC. Your outdoor unit cannot withstand being submerged in water. When flood waters exceed 15 inches in depth, you can expect the moving parts and electrical components of your outdoor unit will suffer serious damage, so wait to turn it on. To be safe, have your unit checked after a flood by a professional heating and cooling contractor.

If you cover your outdoor unit with plastic or a waterproof tarp when it starts raining, be watchful. While you may have the best intentions at heart, covering your unit during a storm usually does more harm than good. Keeping your system under wraps will stop air from circulating while trapping moisture inside your unit. When this happens, the internal component will rust and rot quicker than it should.

Professional HVAC Services In GeorgiaRain Affect Your HVAC_Repair

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