3 Heat Pump Sounds That Signal Trouble in Atlanta, GA

If it is your first time using a heat pump, you may wonder which noises are normal and which are not. Some noises show that your heat pump has a faulty component; hence, it’s vital to seek help from a qualified technician whenever you hear these noises. Below, we will discuss some common heat pump sounds in Atlanta, GA and what they mean.

1. Banging

When your system is running, a loose component in your heat pump may collide with other parts, such as the fan blades. The collision causes a banging noise.

A banging noise may also occur when the outdoor fan blades hit twigs or other foreign objects that have fallen into the outdoor unit. Call a technician to remove the foreign objects and fix loose parts to prevent more damage to your heat pump’s components.

2. Rattling or Vibrating

You may notice this noise after installing your new heat pump. The noise occurs if the outdoor component is unstable. You can put soft rubber pads below the unit to eliminate this sound.

Additionally, loose cover panels can produce rattling or vibrating sounds as the heat pump runs. Have a technician tighten loose cover panels to eliminate this noise.

3. Hissing and Gurgling

Refrigerant moves heat from the environment to your house or from your home to the environment, depending on the season. For the refrigerant to conduct these functions, a compressor increases and reduces its pressure at different points.

A hissing sound occurs when the pressurized refrigerant escapes through tiny openings along the refrigerant lines. You may also detect a gurgling noise when air bubbles are present in the refrigerant lines.

Refrigerant leaks can cause your system to run constantly, causing frequent breakdowns and inflating your energy bill. Therefore, consider scheduling repairs as soon as possible.

Don’t ignore unusual noises from your heat pump. Instead, contact Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air for professional heat pump services immediately in Atlanta. Our technicians will check your unit thoroughly to identify the issues causing weird sounds and deliver lasting repairs.

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