4 Signs Your AC Is Improperly Sized for Your Roswell, GA Home

Ideally, you should have a correctly sized AC system to stay comfortable. Using a system that’s the wrong size results in inefficient cooling and unnecessarily high utility bills. Here are indicators that show your air conditioner is improperly sized for your Roswell, GA, home.

Your Indoor Air Has Excessive Humidity

In addition to cooling your home, your air conditioner eliminates excess humidity. The system then drains the moisture, and the cooled air recirculates into your indoor space.

An oversized system is too large for your home. As a result, it cools your living space quickly and does not complete the dehumidification process. Consequently, your indoor air becomes damp and uncomfortable for you and your family.

Your System Runs Continuously

Ideally, your system should not run all the time. Instead, it should operate in cycles to cool your living space. The unit should have between two to three cycles every hour. Each cycle lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

If your system is too small for your living space, it may fail to meet the cooling demands. As a result, it will run continuously, struggling to regulate the temperatures.

Frequent Breakdowns

Oversized systems tend to shut down and turn on again more frequently than normal, resulting in excessive strain on the system. On the other hand, an undersized system runs all the time, increasing wear and tear.

It is normal for your system to break down once in a while. However, your service technician may need to visit more frequently for repairs if you have an oversized or undersized unit.

High Energy Bills

Have you started noticing unusually high energy bills after replacing your air conditioner? Your new air conditioner may be the culprit.

Multiple air conditioner issues can cause an increase in energy bills and an incorrectly sized unit is one of them. An undersized unit will end up consuming more electricity because of running continuously.

Contact Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air for all your air conditioning issues in the southeast. We possess the expertise to work on your system to ensure it serves you satisfactorily.

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