How to Prepare Your Atlanta HVAC System for the Summer

Warm weather has arrived in Atlanta, GA, and the sweltering summer days will soon follow. Now is the best time to prepare your Atlanta HVAC system for the summer. In addition to scheduling a professional AC maintenance visit, we recommend doing these three HVAC maintenance steps on a monthly basis.

Change the Air Filter

Changing your air conditioner’s filter is one of the simplest HVAC maintenance tasks you can do to prepare the system for summer weather. Set a reminder on your phone so that you remember to check it each month. Slide the filter out of its housing, and replace it if it’s visibly dirty. Don’t wait more than three months between filter changes. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one could lower your summertime cooling costs by 15%.

Clear Debris and Vegetation

Atlanta’s long growing season means that you’ll need to keep up with lawn mowing and trimming of vegetation near your air conditioner’s outdoor condenser unit. Shrubs, trees, weeds and grass can interfere with the condenser’s ability to release heat. Trees, shrubs and vegetation also release pollen that can build up on the outdoor unit’s coils. Trim all vegetation back three feet or more from the outdoor unit.

Clean the Condensate Line and Drain

Air conditioners don’t just keep your home cool on the sizzling-hot summer days. They also lower the indoor humidity level. When the moisture condenses out of the cooler air, it becomes a liquid. The air conditioner’s condensate drain pan and pipe direct the water out of your home. The drain line is prone to clogs from bacteria and algae. Once each month, power off the air conditioner. Disconnect the condensate drain and clean it. Sanitize it with a 10% bleach solution, then reconnect it.

For more information about preparing your HVAC system for Atlanta’s hot summers, take a look at Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air’s AC maintenance services, or contact us today.

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