These 4 Issues Mean It’s Likely Time for a New Furnace in Alpharetta, GA

If your furnace has already been in your home for more than a decade, it may be time to start considering a replacement. It can be difficult to decide if you should wait a few more years or install a new system immediately. Here are four issues that may indicate your furnace is at the end of its life in Alpharetta, GA.

1. Inconsistent Heating

An outdated furnace will struggle to keep up with your home’s heating needs. It may no longer be efficient enough to push enough heat through your ductwork to every floor of your home. This can cause inconsistent heating during the day as well as hot and cold spots.

2. Frequent Service Needs

Furnaces often need professional maintenance at least twice a year. However, an older heating system is more likely to have broken or damaged components. If you’re calling for furnace repairs every few months, it may be best to invest in a new installation that will have very few service needs.

3. Signs of Rust or Corrosion

Call for an HVAC inspection the moment you notice any furnace rust, corrosion, or cracks. While rust will naturally occur in many heating systems over time, it can quickly lead to safety issues if not immediately addressed. If the rust has already spread to your heat exchanger, a system replacement is necessary to stop natural gas from leaking into the home.

4. Strange Smells or Sounds

Strange smells or noises often indicate your furnace isn’t operating correctly. Some parts may have become damaged or loose and are impacting the system’s efficiency. The most frequent causes behind odd smells are gas leaks, bacterial growth, and electrical fires.

Optimize your family’s comfort this winter with a new furnace. Call us at Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air for superior heating installation services in Alpharetta, GA.

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