What Makes a Heat Pump Run Constantly in Milton, GA?

HVAC manufacturers design heat pumps to heat or cool your home in cycles. Therefore, if your unit runs without stopping, there is a problem that you need to address. We will discuss some potential reasons why your heat pump is running constantly in Milton, GA.

Your Refrigerant Could Be Leaking

A refrigerant is a special fluid that relays heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil during the cold season. Damages on these coils may cause the fluid to leak.

Low refrigerant levels make it difficult for your heat pump to transfer sufficient heat into your home. Therefore, the unit runs continuously, trying to meet your temperature needs. Allow your technician to repair refrigerant leaks, as the fluid may harm you and the environment if you don’t handle it carefully.

You Have an Undersized Heat Pump

When buying and installing a new heat pump, ensure it matches your home’s heating load. A technician can help determine your home’s heating load using an industry-standard formula.

If you install an undersized heat pump, it will never satisfy your home’s temperature requirements. As a result, it runs without stopping. Consider replacing your system to enjoy more comfort.

Your Outdoor Coil Is Dirty

Your heat pump’s outdoor coil absorbs heat from outdoor air and ground. Dirt, leaves, and debris may cover this heat pump component, lowering its ability to absorb heat from outside.

Your heat pump runs continuously, trying to draw as much heat as possible. Scheduling regular maintenance helps to clean your heat pump coils to keep them working optimally.

Your Ducts Are Leaking

Ducts help to relay warm air from the heat pump to your rooms. These structures may have openings that allow the heated air to escape. As a result, your heat pump runs without stopping to compensate for the lost air.

Contact Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air for outstanding heating services this cold season. We will check your system thoroughly to identify and take care of the problem causing your unit to run continuously.

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