What’s the Most Efficient Temperature for Summer in Sandy Springs, GA?

Depending on the temperature you set your thermostat, you may spend more money than you have to on cooling here in Sandy Springs, GA. To keep cooling costs down, find out below what the most efficient temperature setting is for the summer.

What the Department of Energy Says

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homeowners set their thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when people are at home. They have determined that this temperature strikes a good balance between keeping occupants comfortable and minimizing AC usage. Homeowners should actually raise the temperature to 80 or even 82 degrees during the night since body temperature goes down when one sleeps.

Program Your Thermostat

Following this recommendation will require you to program your thermostat. However, it won’t take long to create a consistent cooling schedule for each week based on the times you’re inside, asleep and at work.

Raising the temperature allows the AC to run less without letting the home get too hot. It’s important to keep in mind that not running the AC at all can lead to high humidity and structural damage.

What to Do If 78 Degrees Is Too Warm

Some may find 78 degrees too warm, but with the help of ceiling fans, lighter sleepwear and lighter sheets, they could quickly get accustomed to the change. Above all, have a maintenance technician stop by to ensure that your AC runs efficiently. He or she may advise you to set the thermostat to a different temperature based on factors like the home’s level of sun exposure.

If you live in Sandy Springs and need an AC repair in between maintenance visits, contact Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air. If the time has come for a brand-new AC, know that we’ll provide an estimate at no charge. Contact us today for a convenient appointment.

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