Why Does My Home Have Uneven Airflow in Atlanta, GA?

Living in Atlanta, GA, you rely on your heat pump or furnace every winter, and it can be frustrating when the system doesn’t heat your home the way it should. For example, you may notice temperature differences from room to room. Below are four of the main causes of uneven airflow in a central heater.

Clogged Air Filter

The filter in your system’s return vent needs replacing every 60 to 90 days. If you neglect it, the dirt and debris that the filter traps will pose a hindrance to airflow. This can decrease the amount of warm air that flows to certain rooms.

Leak in the Ductwork

Have you had a professional seal your air ducts? This is an essential step because otherwise, your warm air will escape through the cracks before it even reaches your rooms. So, if one room is colder than the others, just know that the duct leading to it may sport a leak.

Vent Blockage

To make the most of their living space, homeowners will often block the supply vents with rugs or furniture. Naturally, this will lead to some rooms never getting as warm as the others. Note that blocking the vents can prematurely wear out the heater as it must work harder to circulate air.

The Wrong Size Unit

Furnaces and heat pumps come with specific heating capacities. Those that are too small for the home they’re in will struggle to heat the rooms farthest from them, and those too big will heat rapidly but unevenly. Only a brand-new heater installation will solve either problem.

Contact Comfort Atlanta Heating & Air for the maintenance that your heater needs to evenly heat your home. We have a team of NATE-certified technicians who can do accurate, detailed work no matter what brand or model your heater is.

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