Why Is My Furnace Making My House Colder in Milton, GA?

If your Milton, GA home gets colder when the furnace runs, you have every right to worry. Here are a few reasons why your furnace might be blowing out cold air.

Thermostat Issues

Perhaps the cause of this bizarre problem has nothing directly to do with your furnace at all. Your thermostat is what ultimately provides instructions to your furnace and dictates when it must turn on or off. If your furnace is behaving strangely, you may have problems with your thermostat.

In this case, a variety of different things could be wrong with your thermostat. For example, your thermostat may be switched to “On” instead of “Auto” mode, causing the furnace to run constantly instead of only when necessary. Alternatively, there may be wiring issues or a weak battery that interferes with the thermostat’s functions and leads it to send incorrect signals.

Furnace Problems

Another possibility is that there is something directly wrong with your furnace. For example, the unit’s blower motor or fans may be faulty so that air doesn’t flow into your home. Also, you may have a busted pilot light or combustion chamber, taking away your furnace’s ability to ignite gas.

Low Gas Supply or a Damaged Gas Line

Finally, for one reason or another, there may simply not be enough gas coming into your home. Many furnaces turn off automatically when they detect that there is an insufficient gas supply, and the cold air that you feel coming through your vents may just be the winter air in its natural state.

Finally, it could be that your home’s gas line has sustained some kind of damage and no longer operates properly. There is no easy fix for these problems. In that situation, you must request repair services from a trained technician.

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